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MCC Ladder - Season 2023/24

Last match recorded here this season was on 2024-02-26.

RankNameScorePoints played
1Tony Lezard1,706.35130
2John Davies1,703.51166
3Justin Rose1,588.1620
4Richard Adamson1,539.5326
5George Jacobs1,522.9815
6Paul Clark1,521.915
7Neil Cole1,520.875
8Marc Isaacs1,520.8715
9Annabelle Fry1,518.023
10Alex Cooper1,508.9998
11Dickon Robertson1,506.9212
12David Clarkson1,502.45107
13Alan Page1,501.6054
14Paul Rider1,500.000
14Joshua Landau1,500.000
14Patrick Hopkirk1,500.000
14Barry Tucker1,500.000
14Arav Patel1,500.000
14Steve Pickard1,500.000
14Tom Harrison1,500.000
14Rick Johnson1,500.000
14Ollie Martyn-Hemphill1,500.000
14Nick Berry1,500.000
14Richard Fellows1,500.000
14Bernard Critchley1,500.000
14Andrew Chapman1,500.000
14William Lyons1,500.000
14Cameron Crees1,500.000
14Edward Leighton1,500.000
14Donald Sharpe1,500.000
14Lennard Lazarus1,500.000
14Miles E.R.T. Watson-Smyth1,500.000
14Adam Young1,500.000
14Joe Ireland1,500.000
14David Moss1,500.000
14Michael Getgood1,500.000
14Patrick Russell1,500.000
14Jonathan Potter1,500.000
14Rick Hirst1,500.000
40Wesley Howell1,494.9764
41Elliott Mayer1,494.5428
42Martin Brown1,491.0778
43Andrew Moss1,488.807
44Michael Flesch1,485.3357
45Sonel Mehta1,482.9415
46Paul Watling1,482.5555
47Nick Trew1,481.873
48Geoff T. Spurrier1,478.125
49Ben Thomson1,477.645
50Richard Olsen1,477.035
51Johnny Bispham1,473.2130
52Nicholas Esses1,471.2015
53Greg Mayer1,467.446
54Dominic Goble1,457.6520
55Geoffrey Buchler1,442.6113
56Anthony Clifford1,427.2926
57Adrian Berrill-Cox1,387.3429
58Rupert Hitchcock1,376.2635

If your name's not on this list, you haven't had any ladder matches recorded for you this season: your ladder score is 1500.

Note that tournament and league matches do not count towards the ladder.

Last result added on 2024-02-26.

How the ladder works.